Experts named the best destinations for traveling abroad in 2023

Tutu: the best destinations for trips abroad in 2023 – Turkey and Uzbekistan

Travel experts chose the best destinations for traveling abroad in 2023, according to the press service of Tutu.
The first place was taken by Turkey: it was chosen by every second respondent.

“This is not surprising given that there are a large number of flights to this country from Russia now, there are many resorts and sightseeing sites, travelers can choose both independent trips and package tours,” the service commented.

“Silver” went to Georgia. According to respondents, it is distinguished by delicious cuisine, rich history and the ability to get not only by air but also by land through the checkpoint “Upper Lars”.

The third place was given to Uzbekistan for its ancient cities and famous mountains, Pamir and Tien Shan.
Also in the top 10 were the UAE, Thailand, Egypt, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Iran.

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