The ambassador told how much foreign companies lost because of the sanctions

Ambassador Yerkhov: Foreign companies lost $240 billion because of sanctions against Russia

Foreign companies have lost about $240 billion because of illegitimate sanctions against Russia, said Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Turkey Alexei Yerkhov.

“First of all, we must say that the sanctions imposed in circumvention of the UN are illegitimate. Let’s be objective: this is a great evil that hurts both those who are targeted by these weapons and those who are trying to use them. In almost all the countries involved in the sanctions, economic growth is slowing down. In fact, some of the leading Western economies have been on the verge of recession. Personal incomes are falling. Entrepreneurs are suffering serious financial losses,” ─░hlas agency quotes the ambassador.
According to him, “Europe, in particular, is experiencing unprecedented high inflation, which is a serious socio-economic problem.

“According to experts, in light of the sanctions against Russia, foreign companies have lost about $240 billion. The actual “freezing” of a large part of Russia’s foreign exchange reserves has forced many countries to reconsider their strategies in this area. In particular, countries wishing to pursue a policy of independence from the West are actively returning to keeping their savings in gold bullion. U.S. government bond sales have begun to rise. The share of currencies alternative to the dollar and the euro is growing in international payments,” Yerkhov said.

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