Scandalous video of Ukrainians infuriated residents of Turkey

100TV: a video of Ukrainians in Antalya, who called the locals foreigners, angered the Turks

A video of Ukrainian tickers about Antalya has enraged Turks, writes local portal 100TV.

According to 100TV, the scandalous video shows a group of Ukrainians, with the caption: “Turks call us foreigners, but the Turks have become foreigners in Antalya.” The publication sparked a strong reaction across Turkey, especially in Antalya.

As noted in the article, many Ukrainians ended up in Turkey after the start of the Russian special operation, many of them settled in Antalya and its surroundings. The locals showed their hospitality, so the ticktockers’ video “infuriated the whole of Turkey.

After the negative reaction from the Turks, the account on which the Ukrainians published the video was deleted, 100TV reported.

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